Microsoft Moves to Silently Update IE

Microsoft wants its Windows users to be using the latest and greatest versions of the Internet Explorer web browser. So far, that has been easier said than done.

Today Microsoft announced its intention to provide a ‘silent’ updating mechanism for Internet Explorer. The silent updating approach updates users without the need for additional manual interaction. The silent updating approach was first pioneered by Google Chrome and is soon set to be adopted by Mozilla’s Firefox as well.

“For consumers, the safety benefits are one of the key reasons that the industry has been moving towards automatic updates as the norm,” Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer Business and Marketing wrote in a blog post. “This is increasingly important since the biggest online threat these days is socially engineered malware, which typically targets outdated software like Web browsers.”

The move to a silent updating approach is being applauded by security experts.

“Being on the newest possible Internet Explorer (IE8 on WIndows XP, IE9 on Vista/Win7) brings a significant increase in security and robustness to malware infections due to better architecture, sandboxing and the included URL filtering feature,” Qualys CTO, Wolfgang Kandek noted in a blog post.

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Microsoft Moves IE to ‘Silent Update’

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