Red Herring Picks Plumtree for Employee Portal

Media network Red Herring Communications Tuesday chose Plumtree Software
Corp. from a pool of corporate portal specialists to fortify its
company-wide intranet.

Plumtree will license its brand of corporate portal to provide a single Web
interface to the applications and information that Red Herring’s workers use
daily, including Oracle ERP, Microsoft Exchange and various legacy

Red Herring’s portal gathers data from a variety of applications and
provides all employees with information and Internet services to aid many
facets of the business — editorial research, subscriptions and human

Users tailor the portal to create a personalized experience by selecting
from a menu of Plumtree Portal Gadgets, which are modular
portal components that embed in a portal page key information and services
from enterprise applications and Internet sites.

Among Red Herring’s menu, users can embed Oracle gadgets which provide a
self-service human resource function for users to
access and update personal information, and Microsoft Exchange gadgets which
provide users with access to e-mail and calendars.

The Plumtree platform also features the industry’s first Massively Parallel
Portal Engine, which assembles these services
simultaneously for high-performance.

Red Herring said it evaluated several portal solutions but chose the
Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.0 because of its speedy response.

Plumtree has a host of vendor partners, including IBM, Microsoft, SAP and
Screaming Media, which allow their services to become integrated into the
software maker’s plug-in components, or gadgets.

Red Herring is a competitor of

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