to Allow 10-Year Domain Registrations Inc. Wednesday announced
plans to offer single and multiple-year domain registration services,
providing flexibility and savings for those who register domain names.

Starting in mid-January, customers will be able to buy .com, .net and .org
domain names for one year, or alternatively, they can pay for as many as 10
years up front. This would both save them $50 and eliminate the need to
renew their domain names each year after the initial two year registration

Until now, all .com, .net and .org domain names are first registered for
two years, with an option to renew for another two years at the end of each
term. Starting this month, customers will be able to register
domain names for one-, two-, five- and ten-year terms. Prices will be as

  • 1 year for $35
  • 2 years for $70
  • 5 years for $159
  • 10 years for $299

Those who register 25 or more domain names will qualify for substantial
discounts through the company’s corporate services division. Additionally,
corporate services customers will be able to purchase registrations for
other term lengths, including four-year or seven-year registrations.

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