Renren To Stop Free E-mail Services

[HONG KONG] Late last week Hong Kong-based Chinese language portal sent the following email to its subscribers:

Dear rens, is undergoing an extensive facelift!

Beginning 17 March 2001, we will no longer provide hosting services for homepages and email accounts.

Please backup your emails and other files prior to 17 March.


card hosting services will continue as usual.

If you encounter any technical difficulties backing up your files, please write to [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

As to what exactly the facelift will entail, other than removing its free email service, renren has remained mum. It was interesting to note however, that the banner ad carried in renren’s message was for Lycos Asia. Lycos Asia completed last week an acquisition of Chinese language portal

A renren spokeswoman denied last week that the company was in acquisition talks.

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