RIAA Couples Piracy With Net Neutrality Debate

The debate over network neutrality currently raging in Washington has drawn attention from all manner of industry groups, advocacy organizations and other stakeholders. Now add the music industry to that list.

A coalition of the industry’s major trade associations, including the Recording Industry Association of America, has called on Google to consider the safeguards to protect against online piracy as it pursues net neutrality legislation.

That would entail ISPs monitoring the content passing across their networks, raising concerns among digital-rights groups. Datamation has the story on the RIAA’s pitch to Google for net neutrality rules.

A group of 13 trade organizations representing all corners of the music industry is calling on Google to incorporate mechanisms for cracking down on piracy as it attempts to broker a deal on net neutrality.

“The music community we represent believes it is vital that any Internet policy initiative permit and encourage ISPs and other intermediaries to take measures to deter unlawful activity such as copyright infringement and child pornography,” the groups wrote in a letter to Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt.

Read the full story at Datamation:

RIAA Wants Piracy on the Table in Net Neutrality Talks

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