Road Runner Forms International Unit

Cable Internet provider Road Runner Tuesday formed an international unit whose first goal will be to take the brand to key Asia Pacific and European markets.

The company expects to lay out the exact markets to be targeted within the next six months.

“For the past year, Road Runner has focused on growing the national subscriber base and enhancing our infrastructure to accommodate continued expansion both here and abroad. We are confident that at this juncture, Road Runner is prepared to expand the scope of operations to include key international markets in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America,” said Larry Levine, Road Runner’s senior vice president of corporate development.

Former MediaOne executive Martin Hanes has been named president of Road Runner International and will be responsible for the unit’s daily operations. The company said plans call for combining the high-speed access that’s the flagship offering in the United States with content specific to each nation and region.

“Road Runner can provide international operators with nascent high-speed data services an invaluable opportunity to jumpstart their business development eforts. Companies that choose to work with Road Runner will be on the cutting edge of broadband offerings and will also benefit from our numerous partnerships with key providers of international content,” he said.

Hanes has served as managing director of the Asia Pacific Region for both Media One and US West. He was also responsible for international operations at Continental Cablevision.

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