RSA Highlights 56Kbps Soft Modem Technology

RSA Communications is demonstrating the 56Kbps capabilities of its Native Modem Technology (NMT) at the Windows CE Developers Conference this week.

Employing advanced RISC processors, NMT eliminates the need for modem hardware in small environments.

“Once the V.90 standard is officially ratified–currently expected this fall–we will release an upgrade for NMT with full V.90 support,” said Munther Qubain, president and CEO of RSA Communications. “We are firm supporters of standards-based modem technology, and intend to support all relevant communications standards for our NMT solution.”

Currently there are two competing 56Kbps standards: Rockwell
Semiconductor’s K56flex and 3Com’s x2 technology. The International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued the draft V.90 standard for 56K
communications in January.

RSA said it has been adapting NMT to be fully V.90-compliant, enabling manufacturers to provide standards-based solutions in handheld PCs and other products.

At the Windows CE Conference, RSA is using Hitachi’s SH-3 RISC engine
to demonstrate NMT’s 56Kbps capabilities.

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