RSA Ships BSAFE 4.0 With Elliptic Curve Cryptography

RSA Data Security Inc. said it is shipping its BSAFE 4.0 security component suite, a solution for software developers looking to add encryption and authentication features to their applications.

This latest version incorporates a number of new features and improvements, including elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), a hardware acceleration API, X9 banking and financial standards support, improved performance on Intel Pentium II processors and additional security components.

The addition of elliptic curve technology to the BSAFE suite augments current
RSA technologies targeted for developers designing products such as PDAs, cell
phones, set-top boxes, pagers and other devices where memory size and
processing power are at a premium, the company said.

The BSAFE 4.0 toolkit includes standard public-key algorithms–RSA, DSA and
Diffie-Hellman; a wide range of symmetric (private-key) encryption algorithms,
including RC2, RC4, RC5, DES and Triple-DES; as well as message digest
algorithms MD2, MD5 and SHA-1. Security components such as password-based
encryption, random number generation and Bloom-Shamir secret sharing are also

The BSAFE 4.0 SDK is available now for $290.

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