Sabela Expands Ad Serving to U.S.

Australian ad serving firm Sabela Media is expanding its independent ad
serving, tracking and ROI analysis services to the U.S. market.

Sabela Media said it now offers its adaptive targeting and profiling engine
to Web advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Sabela provides a system through which advertisers and Web site publishers
can manage a large volume of information on each user, learn from an
individual’s behavior on the site, and adjust communications based on that

Sabela said its ad servers are able to develop a profile on every user who
sees an ad, filter out target groups of users from bulk ad impression buys,
adaptively define communications with users based upon their profiles, and
provide reporting tools to analyze results.

“Sigmund,” Sabela Media’s user profiling feature, uses filtering and analysis
technology that allows online advertisers to individually match their
messages to key audiences on a tone-to-one basis.

Among the first U.S users is TV on the WEB. Sabela said it will offer
a free trial of its products and services to U.S. advertisers and Web site
publishers through December.

“We have had tremendous success in the Australian market b

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