SafeStreet Aims to Put Small UK Retailers Online

Featuring over 70 retailers on one site,
the SafeStreet Shopping

launched this week with the aim of helping small UK businesses
sell their goods online.

SafeStreet Ltd. is a subsidiary of Vicor
, a web
hosting and consulting company in Redwood Shores, California.
It is offering not only the shopping centre but also the
SafeStreet Trading Centre at,
where businesses can trade with each other.

“The SafeStreet Shopping Centre offers small, independent UK
retailers the opportunity to become a part of an established
online community, with their own e-commerce enabled shop
for a fraction of the cost of building their own solution,” said
SafeStreet’s executive director, Maryanne Butters.

“For small and medium sized businesses who wish to remain
in business in the 21st century, SafeStreet offers two very
cost-effective and easy to use services”.

Using the slogan “a high street of unique independent stores,”
SafeStreet is divided into various zones including
Homes & Gifts, Fashion/Health/Beauty, Food, Children,
Motoring, Sports & Leisure, Audio Visual, Business,
and Charities.

The integrated e-commerce system used by SafeStreet enables
retailers to display up to 1,000 products in their online
catalogue, including pictures. Trading Centre merchants can
display up to 15,000 products.

The cost is ć49.95 ($80) a month for hosting, plus
a 1 per cent commission on goods sold through the site. Build
costs are extra if SafeStreet sets up the shop for the retailer.

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