Sakhr Launches Arabic Culture and Language Resources

Two major Arabic linguistic resources, The Online Dictionary of Literary Terms and a collection of Arabic lexicons, are now available on the Internet.

The two resources are available through (Arabic
(English interface) and (English interface).

The Arabic Lexicon site uses Sakhr Software’s search
engines to navigate the Al-Moheet, Moheet Al-Moheet, and the Al-Waseet
lexicons. Users can search the lexicons by word, word root, or topic.

Sakhr has given the more specialized vocabulary of literary analysis and
criticism its own dedicated site with detailed descriptions of the literary terms and their equivalents in English and French. Entries are derived from Ibrahim Fathi’s Al-Mu’ajem Al-Mustalihat Al-Adabiya.

Fahed Al-Sharekh, manager of Internet development projects at Sakhr Software parent company Alalamiah Group, said the company aims to make its Web site ” the largest Arabic cultural site in terms of content and variety.”

Among forthcoming cultural resources, Al-Sharekh noted, are the complete Lissan Al-‘Arab lexicon of Arabic and the Al-Mo’alaqat Al-Saba’a, the famous seven Arabic odes known since pre-Islamic times.

Sakhr’s new contributions join online resources Encyclopedia of Arabic Cinema, a multilingual dictionary Al-Qamoos, and the collected poetry of

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