Sales Portal Is Interface For The Selling Enterprise

Sales Vision this week introduced Sales Portal, a suite of
Internet-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications that
together will create an intuitive portal interface for the enterprise.

Sales Portal
seamlessly integrates database and Internet-based information, presenting it to
all users on the enterprise, including direct sales organizations, partners,
customers, and prospects.

Sales Portal is designed to complement the vendor’s Java-based CRM
application Jsales 2.0, enabling companies to expand the scope of Jsales
beyond the direct sales force to the whole sales chain. It lets companies tailor
their portal sites for specific areas of the business, organizing information into
channels. Users gain access to critical business information via an ultra-thin
client interface, while also having various Web Agents for performing tasks on
the Internet.

“Jsales and Sales
Portal represent the industry’s first totally convergent approach to connecting
all participants in the selling chain using the Internet as the conduit and making
applications as easy to use as navigating a Web site,” said Sales Vision’s vice president of sales, Mark Logan.

Sales Portal is scheduled to ship in the second quarter of 1999, and may be purchased
directly from the vendor.

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