Sausage and SMS Launch Wireless Solutions Centre

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Sausage Software
and SMS Consulting have launched a Wireless
Solutions Centre (WiSC) which will assist businesses planning to implement
mobile commerce or wireless applications.

Sausage and SMS will provide “a reality check of business concepts,”
support for wireless business plan development, product and service design,
technology and infrastructure planning and project management. Director of
the Centre Paul Salathiel said the company expected demand for the services
would come from clients such as banking and financial institutions,
retailers and despatch operators, entertainment companies and information
service providers. He said that the Centre would provide wireless services
for the organisations’ customers and field staff in conjunction with
Sausage’s Chaos Labs.

“The key issue today is that WAP is perceived as a ‘wireless web’, which
builds expectations of the graphics capability we are used to on the PC –
it is better thought of as a specialized channel to a particular business
function at this stage,” said Salathiel. “The next stage will be the
evolution of networks and devices that provide much more capable service in
the future, but the challenge today remains to provide new services and
functions over existing networks that provide real value and results.”

Sausage CEO added, “If we’re going to embrace mobile commerce, we have to
start somewhere and that will be the core function of WiSC – to sort
through the WAP fantasies and determine a realistic way to apply emerging
mobile technologies to an organisation’s operations.” Sausage has not yet
announced any clients for the service.

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