Scientific Information Company Expands into Europe

[London, ENGLAND] Scientific research information provider
TheScientificWorld, Inc. announced Friday a substantial expansion
of its services in Europe.

TheScientificWorld, which is headquartered in Florida and
which bases it whole business on the Internet, said it has already
opened corporate offices in Hounslow, U.K., and has plans
to open shortly in Oxford.

Services offered to members by TheScientificWorld include
immediate, free online access to massive databases of
information in such fields as the life sciences, chemistry,
physics and environmental sciences. To use them, members
create their own Personal User Profile for access to what
the firm calls “unique and powerful search and data linking

Anita Crafts-Lighty, Ph.D., commercial director, Europe,
for TheScientificWorld, said the company is currently
expanding its field sales force to serve the rapidly
expanding European market for scientific information.

“The establishment of our European offices is an important
step in our global development in support of the company’s
international user base,” said Dr. Crafts-Lighty.

As head of the commercial activities of TheScientificWorld
throughout Europe, Dr. Crafts-Lighty is experienced in
both online and offline publishing. She was founded
business directory publisher BioCommerce Data Ltd. in 1985
and promoted the development of its news-abstracting database.

In the European expansion of TheScientificWorld, Dr. Crafts-Lighty
is helped by Editorial Director Anne Allen who guides the European
division of the firm’s online scientific publishing venture.
Anne Allen was formerly publishing editor at Pergamon Press, now an
Elsevier Science company, and was instrumental in developing new
titles such as Deep-Sea Research, Part II and the multimedia/print
project Atlas of the Oceans.

Reachable on the Internet at,
TheScientificWorld is addressing a world market for research
information said to be worth US $6.5 billion.

Among the many services offered by TheScientificWorld are
its core information-retrieval service sciBASE, which consists
of articles drawn from over 20,000 journals; its online
publishing venture i-PUBLISH; its searchable worldMEET database
of 3,500 upcoming scientific conferences; and PuP ALERT,
a news service that is free-of-charge to users.

However, not all of TheScientificWorld’s services consist of
“bits” (as MIT’s Professor Negroponte would say) because there are
lots of “atoms” involved as well. The company enables scientists
to purchase supplies and equipment online via scienceWAREHOUSE,
a service made possible by an arrangement with Fisher Scientific
International Inc.

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