Scoot Partners with LineOne announced
that it has entered into a partnership with LineOne
to provide a consumer-centric classified transaction service on the LineOne

Scoot calls itself an “interactive branded infomediary,” meaning that it
acts as a service which connects buyers and sellers through its online
site. LineOne, a joint venture between United News & Media and BT,
is one of the largest ISPs in the UK with 580,000 registered members.

Scoot on LineOne is seen as an excellent fit for both companies, and
the service will be fully integrated on the LineOne page. In fact, there are
1.8 million pages of UK focused information on LineOne, mostly aimed at
the consumer, with services such as shopping, entertainment, sports information and news.

“This partnership continues our strategy of substantially broadening our
reach and providing LineOne users with the benefit of Scoot’s powerful,
comprehensive consumer-focused transaction service,” said Miranda Cleverdon,
chief commercial officer for Scoot.

“As well as creating additional brand awareness, it will most importantly
provide incremental consumer to business transactions for Scoot’s

LineOne has 55 million page impressions per month and claims to be
the UK’s fastest growing Internet Service Provider, adding 10,000
new members each week.

“LineOne is a family, consumer focused site with comprehensive coverage
on a wide variety of issues,” explained Ajay Chowdhury, managing director
of LineOne.

“Adding the comprehensive Scoot directory service will further enrich the
content of LineOne and provide further value to our users.”

Scoot, which recently announced a joint venture with Vivendi to introduce
its services throughout Europe over the next three years, already operates
in the Netherlands and Belgium through a joint venture with VNU.

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