Scotiabank Launches News and Trading Network

Toronto-based Scotiabank introduced Scotia/Headliner, a new service that leverages the power of the Internet to help investors manage their portfolios.

An interactive program for online discount brokerage clients, the service automatically delivers trade notification alerts. It also filters and manages news about an investor’s specially-selected companies, stocks, and sectors through a news ticker service that runs across the computer screen.

Designed to work best with Scotia OnLine, Scotia/Headliner aims to eliminate time-consuming online news gathering techniques such as search engines, browser bookmarking, and Push tools. The service replaces them with a slim, scrolling-display or ticker that gathers only the headlines and story summaries from high-quality Web sites. It also features a continuous scrolling stock ticker.

Users see only the headlines they want by personally selecting stories
instead of being bombarded with hundreds of full-length news items that are often of no interest to them. Headlines can then be double-clicked or automatically downloaded to retrieve articles in their entirety.

With Scotia/Headliner, customers can also choose from a wide variety
of news display formats. The service can be set up to instantly
deliver market, news, and e-mail based alerts, and a future upgrade will enable customers to receive immediate alerts on their pagers.

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