Seattle Mayor Paul Schell Proclaims Nov. 30th as Seattle-Vancouver Internet Day

Seattle Mayor Paul Schell has declared Thursday November 30th as Seattle-Vancouver Internet Day.
The key event marking the day will be a breakfast forum on Seattle – Vancouver internet industry relations that will take place at the Seattle Sheraton. Over 200 internet industry professionals from the Seattle area and Vancouver are expected to attend.

In a proclamation released earlier this month, Mayor Schell states that: “…Whereas, on November 30, 2000, high-tech industry leaders from Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. will gather to discuss high-tech connections between our cities and the rest of the world; now, therefore, I Paul Schell, Mayor of the City of Seattle, do hereby recognize November 30, 2000 to be Seattle – Vancouver, B.C. Internet Day.”

The November 30th Seattle breakfast forum titled: The Canadians Are Coming – will be hosted by The key sponsor of the event is Vancouver-based Burntsand, an e-Business Solutions Integrator focusing on B2B applications. Other sponsors include the Canadian Consulate General, the Canadian Studies Center at the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies, the E-Business Program at the University of Washington’s School of Business and the Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of Washington’s School of Business.

Members of the panel include: Robert Craig, President & Chief Executive Officer of Stratford Internet Technologies, Inc; Gary Kocher of the Seattle Law firm Preston Gates & Ellis; Lorne Craig, VP & Creative Director of Big House Communications and Tyler Hassman, Senior Manager, Ad Sales, Online Inc.

Glenn Ballman, Chairman & CEO of, inc. will be providing opening remarks at the forum. Ballman, a Canadian, founded Onvia in Vancouver, B.C. in 1996 and moved its headquarters to Seattle, WA in 1998.

“By bringing more and more Vancouver and Seattle businesses together each year, this day of recognition is just the beginning of the advancement of cross-border relations in the Internet industry,” say Ballman.

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