Seneca College Creates Virtual Set Training

Orad Hi-Tec Systems’ CyberSet M technology was purchased by the Seneca College School of Communication Arts in Toronto to provide hands-on experience in virtual set technology for students in its broadcasting, three-dimensional graphics and advertising programs.

The CyberSet purchase, the first for any educational institution in North America, is part of an overall expansion of Senecas facilities, which include a new campus and state-of-the-art computer, network, and video server equipment.

Handling virtual sets that are comprised of up to 7,500 polygons, CyberSet M runs on the SGI Onyx2 Reality computer and delivers most of the capabilities of Orads CyberSet O at about half the cost. Orads unique pattern recognition technology enables the real-time extraction of camera parameters, while infrared detection automatically locates the position of the actors and cameras within the virtual environment.

Special measures developed by Orad for CyberSet M enable the simultaneous operability of these features and the free movement of any number of studio cameras.

Orad is one of the worlds largest providers of virtual studio technology with over 100 installations and 75 percent of the global market share.

In addition to Seneca College, other North American facilities, which have installed Orad systems in the last few months, include Black Entertainment Network (BET), Alternative Entertainment Network Television (AENTV), Discovery Channel Canada, Electric Avenue, and Netstar Communications.

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