Shandong Builds Internet Backbone With Cisco Access Servers

Cisco Systems has signed a deal with the
Shandong Post and Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to provide an array of
high-end access servers for the PTA’s large Internet expansion project.

The Shandong PTA will install the Cisco AS5800 access servers to support
over 12,000 connections throughout the province.

It is North China’s largest PTA with 1.23 million mobile phone customers
and 40,000 Internet users, and it is substantially increasing its backbone
infrastructure to meet consumer demand.

“The fact that Shandong PTA is deploying such a powerful access server
platform reflects the fact that the scale and pace of Internet development
in China is now fast reaching the same level as North America and Europe,”
commented Jiabin Duh, managing director of Cisco Systems China.

“The Cisco AS5800 solution was chosen because of its high port density and
scalability, Signaling System 7 (SS7) compatibility, and support for
advanced network service such as virtual private networks and
voice-over-IP,” said Liu Cheng Ming, vice chief engineer of Shandong PTA
and director of Shandong
Information Service Bureau.

“With the AS5800 it has a carrier-class Internet access platform with
exceptional reliability and performance,” added Jiabin Duh.

Introduced in early 1998, the AS5800 reportedly can maintain up to 1,344
concurrent connections with maximum performance.

According to Cisco, it provides availability at 99.999 per cent which
equates to less than five minutes of downtime per year.

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