Siemens IC Mobile to Expand Chinese Mobile Phone Networks

Two Chinese GSM mobile communications providers, China United
Telecommunications Corp. (China Unicom) and China Mobile
Communications Corp. (CMCC), have commissioned the Siemens Information
and Communication Mobile division (IC Mobile) with the expansion of their
mobile phone networks.

Siemens will expand the GSM networks of CMCC in
Shanghai and Inner Mongolia. The Siemens branch has arranged with China
Unicom to upgrade the GSM networks in Shanghai, Fujian, Wuhan, Guizhou and

According to Siemens, the total volume of both contracts for the delivery
and installation of around 750 GSM base stations amounts to $196 million.

The Chinese market for mobile telephony grew in July by 3.8 million
new users to 120.6 million users, according to official reports.

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