Singapore Auction Site Offers Bonuses

To attract and retain customers,
Singapore auction site InterAuct! launched a loyalty program today.

According to the company, members of its loyalty program, called
InterAuct! Preferred Ones, will be rewarded with points for all
transactions done through the InterAuct! Web site.

These loyalty points
will be used for the redemption of items available exclusively to the
InterAuct! Preferred Ones.

Registered Preferred Ones will also have a host of auction utilities
unavailable to ordinary registered members which InterAuct! says will
boost their abilities to trade on the InterAuct! Web site.

“InterAuct! was founded to provide a platform where we can create and
foster a fun and friendly community of users who buy and sell their items,
auction style,” said Luke Toh, chairman and chief information officer of InterAuct! “With
this in mind, the program hopes to revolutionize the future of online

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