Software AG Acquires Terracotta

Software AG will acquire Terracotta, which offers some of the most widely-used software for application scalability, availability and performance.

Terracotta is the developer of Ehcache, the open source distributed data cache for Java applications, and the Java add-on for Enterprise Ehcache called BigMemory. Terracotta makes its software available as both open source projects and commercial products.

“The integration of Terracotta’s technology with our product portfolio is a major step in ensuring that our customers can fully benefit from the convergence of cloud computing, the mobile web, complex event processing and real-time, multi-party collaboration through unprecedented levels of performance and scalability,” Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost said in a statement. “Software AG is also committed to fully supporting Terracotta’s open source communities in further developing this next generation in-memory technology.”

Read the full story at EnterpriseApplicationsToday:

Terracotta In-Memory Technology to Fuel Software AG Cloud Computing Offerings

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