Southern Cross Goes Live

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) went live this morning, with the company passing circuits over to customers for configuration and end-to-end testing of their own equipment and circuits.

“Once our customers have configured their network circuits Australasians will start to feel the benefits of the bandwidth explosion brought about by Southern Cross,” said Baldo Sutich, president and chief executive officer of Southern Cross Cable Network.

Sutich said the lighting-up of Southern Cross was a major milestone for Australasian telecommunications. “Southern Cross will revolutionize the way people use the Internet for work and for play,” he said. “We can now expect to see large scale uptake of broadband access, enabling users to fully utilize technologies such as video and audio streaming.”

“Australasians are among the most online people in the world, but with more people spending more time online downloading more data, a large amount of bandwidth is required if they are to fully participate in the online community. With 120Gbit/s of fully protected capacity, that’s exactly what Southern Cross is delivering.”

Yesterday Cable & Wireless Optus announced it had completed the Australian link to the network, which it expected to allow Australian businesses to enjoy a direct connection with global business centers through the IP network.

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