Speakeasy Tries to Sweep Up Stranded DSL Customers

With many Independent DSL providers falling under during the past months, many residential and business-class DSL customers have been left stranded, which has created a strong opportunity for those still in service.

Speakeasy.net, a Seattle-based Internet service provider specializing in DSL connectivity, in an effort to acquire this new customer-base, announced today that it will waive the $225 installation fee for all business-class customers of the now-defunct Northpoint.

In addition, Speakeasy.net is extending a Covad hardware trade-in program for both residential and business-class services.

“It’s unfortunate that we cannot simply switch these customers from Northpoint’s network to our own,” comments Michael Apgar, CEO of Speakeasy.net. “Waiving the installation fee is our way of alleviating the burden of a new DSL installation.”

Thousands of DSL subscribers will be left without connectivity as a result of Northpoint’s network operation closure. Speakeasy.net will aid these customers by reducing the re-installation costs significantly.

The local DSL provider is currently expanding rapidly to accommodate the large influx of customers left stranded, gaining over ten thousand active DSL circuits since the beginning of the year.

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