Spectra.Net Communications Introduces ThrottleBox Player 2.5

Spectra.Net Communications Inc. Tuesday launched version 2.5 of its ThrottleBox
multimedia software and version 2.5 of the ThrottleBox Assembly Tool Bronze, which allows users to create their own multimedia files that take advantage of the new Player’s features.

Both applications can be downloaded here.

ThrottleBox allows all types of media (video, audio, images, text, and hyperlinks) to be combined together into a single portable, downloadable file (a “BOX file”), all elements of which can be viewed with the ThrottleBox Player software. This technology is ideal for entertainment, education, communication, advertising, and many other applications.

Apart from several bug fixes, new features included in the ThrottleBox Player version 2.5 beta include:

  • Support for streaming media. BOX files can link directly to streaming
    audio or video files on the Internet which can then be played back within the
    context of the BOX file. Multiple streaming files can be linked within a
    single BOX file. In addition, both downloadable and streaming media
    components can be included within the same BOX file

  • Smaller file size. The Player installation file no longer includes the
    Windows Media Player; instead, users will be prompted to upgrade their Media
    Players if necessary. As a result of this, version 2.5 of the Player is only
    a 2.6 megabyte download

  • Automatically customized Player interface. Now, individual BOX files can
    cause the Player interface to automatically display any logo or emblem
    desired by the creator of that particular file. This allows the Player to be
    automatically customized for a content provider whenever that provider’s BOX
    files are loaded

  • The ability to search for specific words or phrases in the text section
    of BOX files, and a “filters” menu selection that allows users to modify
    certain video playback parameters for better compatibility with older video

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