Spray Ventures Launch Competes in News Market

Swedish company Spray Ventures recently consolidated its news outlets into
one Web site, set to compete against the popular Dagens Industri news site.

The new site, Vision Media, is a
merger of Spray Ventures’ Vision and Interaktive Affarer
newspapers. The company said it wants to become the leading daily news feed
in Sweden.

“This Vision launch is an important step for Spray Ventures moving into the
business to business market. Vision will have 100,000 subscribers within
one year,” said Per Bystedt, chairman of Spray Ventures owner of Vision.
Spray Ventures has a 60 percent stake in Vision.

The build up of consumer sites has not yet been matched by the business
sector in Sweden.
Vision plans to expand its offerings to serve the Swedish economic sector.
This autumn the company wil launch two new magazine, Dolly and Guru, licensed from two well established

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