Sprint PCS to Debut Spanish Wireless Website

Sprint PCS, , on the largest digital cellular carriers in the U.S., is rolling out its first Spanish-language website on its wireless web network.

The site, built for Sprint by Mexico City-based Wau.com, is being billed as the first Spanish language website to be carried on the wireless area protocol (WAP) network of a major U.S. carrier. Other Spanish-language site have been rolled out by Latin American and Hispanic internet media companies such as AOL Latin America and Starmedia Networks.

The partnership with Wau.com, the site which will now be accessible to Sprint PCS customers through web-enabled cellular phones, expands the strategic alliance between Sprint PCS and Pegaso PCS, a Mexican cellular carrier which owns Wau.com.

Ostensibly, the Wau.com website carries content geared to a Mexican and Mexican-American audience, but Sprint promises the site will also carry Latin American news, as well as real-time sports scores, weather, horoscopes and other features aimed at a broader audience.

“Our partnership with Wau.com demonstrates our continuing commitment to meet our customer’s wireless data needs,” said Chip Novick, vice president of consumer marketing for Sprint PCS.

Sprint currently operates the largest 100 percent digital voice and data wireless network in the U.S. Its coverage extends throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Sprint is an investor in Pegaso PCS, the Mexican wireless unit of Grupo Pegaso, which also has partnerships with Leap Wireless, Citicorp, LAIF and Nissho Iwai. Pegaso is working on building Mexico’s wholly digital wireless network, along the lines of Sprint PCS in the U.S. The company, right now, offers CDMA services in the country’s four largest cities, including the capitol, Mexico City.

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