StarMedia Adds Mobile Access to Roster of New Services

StarMedia Network Inc. is diving into all the new trends in the Internet industry this month, following up separate portal, Internet provider and broadband announcements with Tuesday’s launch of StarMedia Mobile.

StarMedia Mobile will offer Internet access and personalized StarMedia (STRM) content to a range of wireless devices. The new division will be based on StarMedia’s acquisition of mobile technology company PageCell International Holdings, Inc.

StarMedia said the barrage of launches were part of the company’s strategy to become a global full-service media company and to reach greater numbers of Spanish- and Portuguese-language Internet users.

“Spanish- and Portuguese-language consumers have rapidly adopted wireless technology, which is changing the communications landscape,” stated Fernando Espuelas, StarMedia’s chairman and chief executive officer. “StarMedia Mobile is poised to take advantage of this growth by providing users of wireless devices a portable ‘StarMedia’ Internet experience.”

StarMedia Network launched its StarMedia Acceso/Acesso ISP plan in Latin America three weeks ago, and followed up on the move with the acquisition of Webcast to provide broadband services. Last week, the company also rolled out its Spanish-language portal Periscopio.

PageCell International Holdings, Inc., a wireless telecommunication carrier in Latin America, developed the “entumovil” technology, which StarMedia will use for its mobile Internet server platforms and wireless portal services.

Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close at the end of the month, were not disclosed.

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