Stock Price Polling Site Launched launched as a new financial
Web site “that uses unbiased Internet polling” to aggregate the opinions and
likely behavior of investors to predict future stock performance.

In beta testing since October 1999, said its proprietary
Analysis” has been accurate 69 percent of the time producing a return on
investment of over 33 percent. By comparison, during the same time period,
the S&P 500 index has returned 8.2 percent and the Dow 30 just 2.7 percent.
In addition,’s technology sector has returned 85 percent
compared to a 58 percent return for the NASDAQ during the comparable time

“Investors have traditionally used two methods to predict the stock market.
Fundamental Analysis, which is how investors should behave, and Technical
Analysis or Charting, which is how investors did behave,” said Scott
Pederson, president and chief executive officer of “We have added a third method,
called Systematic Analysis, which is how investors are likely to behave.”

Pederson said that “if political outcomes are accurately predicted through
public opinion polling, it is logical to assume similar results can be
achieved with the stock market.” Pederson quotes Benjamin Graham, the father
of value investing as saying “The market is not a weighing machine but a
voting machine”.

The site is offering free charter memberships for anyone registering by March
31, 2000.
In addition to investor polls, offers a variety of financial
tools for
fundamental and technical analysis.

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