Stockholm Forms its New E-Strategy

The new outline for a new e-strategy is published from the city of Stockholm
in Sweden. The basis is that its citizens will get more possibilities to
interact through the Internet with daily questions.

In future the web site of Stockholm
will also be the portal for different questions like daycare for children
and elder, request for building permit, map to local service, different fees
from the city and more information.

But the citizens shall also get more inside information how different parts
of the administration work for better possible interaction and contact
between the administration and the citizens. This would give a better
feedback to the administration for better decisions. An adaptive way of

All public information shall be accessible through the Web. Sweden is by
tradition a country where lot of information is public and this should also
reflect the Internet.

“By using the IT in a efficient way makes it possible for us to give the
people in Stockholm a much better service. This gives us more happy
customers and it makes it more enjoyable for us to work”, says Kjell
Bergefall, director of IT-resources.

The whole e-strategy builds on the vision about the future community where
the society is moving from production to service. The transformation to the
information world must be considered by the administration. Through the
Internet the citizens and the industry can access new services.

And the IT-infrastructure is very important for attracting the establishment
of new businesses and people in the Stockholm area. The Kista area as one
example is what a lot of people calls “the Mobile Internet valley”. To
remain in a leading position, the administration understands that they must
be more aggressive.

This declaration, e-strategy on 31 pages, will stress the rest of cities in
Sweden. The competition has only started with better services as the main

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