Store More Email

Bellevue-based Content Technologies released its MAILsweeper Archivist for SMTP, developed to help organizations easily store and retrieve email. MAILsweeper Archivist for SMTP integrates with the company’s MAILsweeper for SMTP to provide policy-based storage and recovery of email.

Exactly how much email? This product has 32 online archive indexes available with each one capable of collecting one million messages. When the message limit of 32 million is reached, they can be stored in a limitless offline index.

MAILsweeper Archivist for SMTP is suitable for organiztions which process up to a million business critical email messages per week, and typically host up tp 15,000 users.

Drawing on the power of MIMEsweeper Content Security Engine to implement policies based on the senders and recipients, MAILsweeper Archivist for SMTP maintains a full copy of the email before indexing the message typically to a network server.

The product features a web-based search and retrieval interface to track emails, which identifies archived messages by sender, recipient, subject, date range, names of attatchments, and MAILsweeper policy.

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