Streaming Subscriptions

With talk about subscription services hot on the minds of many content providers, Seattles Qpass has taken another step towards a new paradigm in digital distribution.

While subscription services are nothing new to the Internet, Qpass and Virage, Inc. announced an agreement that will provide video content owners with a fully outsourced solution for the management, distribution and sale of streaming video content online.

Both companies will work together to ensure the interoperability of the Qpass Digital Commerce Service and the Virage Internet Video Application Platform, and will jointly market the integrated solution.

“The untapped revenue opportunities represented by streaming media on the Internet today — and broadband tomorrow — are enormous,” says Kevin Brown, senior vice president, business development for Qpass. “Virage’s break-through system unlocks the value of video content by enabling it for electronic commerce in many different ways. Combining Virage-enabled video with the Qpass Digital Commerce Service allows us to provide media companies with a turn-key solution for generating real revenue from their video content.”

The Qpass Digital Commerce Service enables the sale of premium, pay-per-use and subscription content online.

Qpass provides the commerce infrastructure for a number of major media companies on the Web, including AT&T, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and Factiva, among others.

Virage’s Internet Video Application Platform supports large-scale deployment of streaming video and is currently used by more than 150 customers across the media & entertainment, enterprise, education and government markets.

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