, Lucent Team on VoIP Software

Lucent Technologies Inc. Tuesday made available the latest version of its MultiVoice voice-over Internet protocol software.

The company also introduced Atlanta-based, a wholesale provider of IP telephony, Internet access and e-commerce services, as its first customer to deploy the new software across its network. may be an unfamiliar company, but if youve used a pre-paid calling card over the past year, your call was probably transported over its nationwide VoIP network.

Before unleashed its consumer services, it sold its voice transport services to larger incumbent carriers for calling card programs, as wall as provided back up for incumbent carriers traffic if the need arose.

Lucents new MultiVoice software release includes a number of enhancements that deliver multi-service VoIP functionality, which allow start-ups like to providers more flexible service offerings over its network.

The new software enables service providers to carry conventional, pre-paid and calling card traffic on a single VoIP network. Voice traffic passes through MultiVoice gateways and gatekeepers, while VoIP networks typically only supported a single service gateway. Lucents use of MultiVoice gateways means that service providers do not need to purchase additional gateways and gatekeepers to add services.

Bob Morris, vice president of operations, said its ability to deliver multiple services from a single VoIP gateway enabled the firm to meet the growing demand for communications services from a wide range of customers, including consumers, businesses and other service providers.

“We’re already generating more than 30 million minutes of VoIP traffic per month and expect that to increase dramatically every month,” Morris said. owns and operates a nationwide network for VoIP and Internet access services. The network currently includes over 60 points-of-
presence nationwide, and can serve 144 metropolitan areas, or 65 percent of the total U.S. population. also has agreements with several international service providers to terminate international voice traffic.’s network is based exclusively on Lucent equipment. By perfecting their VoIP services, building out its national footprint, and revving up its back office functions over the past 17 months, company managed to become the 5th largest voice carrier in the U.S.

Chris Schoettle, Lucent vice president and general manager of VoIP access, said the operation makes for a perfect VoIP success story.

“With an extensive network delivering multiple services and carrying millions of minutes per month, is a great example of the success of the VoIP industry,” Schoettle said.

Lucents Schoettle also said that its multi-voice software was a key part of helping grow their frontline services.

“The new MultiVoice software is designed to help our customers’ networks grow in terms of the number of services supported while maintaining the maximum amount of reliability and network control,” Schoettle said.

Most VoIP service providers have their own network and interconnection agreements with other service providers to exchange VoIP traffic. As traffic on VoIP networks rapidly expands, these service providers are looking to break through the congestion to better manage the cost and administration of VoIP services.

Lucents new MultiVoice software includes the ability to send calls over the least expensive trunk, or the link connecting the VoIP gateway to the public telephone network or another service provider, giving MultiVoice customers the ability to configure their networks to better control the cost and flow of calls on their network. is set to test Lucents traffic flow configuration in Connecticut payphones sta

tewide later this year.

Lucent’s MultiVoice VoIP software runs on the MAX TNT and MAX 6000 remote access concentrators. The MultiVoice products offer service providers standards-based VoIP gateways designed to support toll-quality VoIP and fax-over-IP services with transparent integration to public telephone networks.

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