Survey: Wireless Development Increasing

Companies say they are increasing spending on development of wireless applications, according to a new survey of developers released Monday by Evans Data Corporation.

The company released a survey of 550 developers worldwide who said they are involved in wireless applications. The results indicate that the developers believe they will spend more time on wireless applications in the next 18 months than they have previously.

In addition, the survey found a significant increase in interest in developing applications for new wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless networks. Almost 19 percent said they are currently working on 802.11b-related projects and 41 percent said they were either evaluating the wireless LAN technology or expect to do so soon.

“Even though sales have slowed down, wireless developers have not,” said Jay Dixit, Evans Data wireless analyst. “The results show that application development in this field continues to accelerate.”

The major wireless application is e-mail, which half the developers said is in their work queue. About 57 percent said they are developing for handhelds and about the same number said they were developing for phones. Only about 38 percent said they were developing for wireless-enabled laptop computers.

Fully 60 percent of the surveyed developers said they expected to deploy their projects within the next six months.

The findings are part of a periodic survey of developers conducted by Evans.

David Haskin is managing editor of sister site allNetDevices.

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