Swedish E-Mail Security Specialist Expands in U.K.

Swedish e-mail security specialist
TenFour announced
Wednesday a new share issue for SEK90 million ($10.22 million)
in order to expand its operations in the U.K. and the U.S.

Aiming to become the world’s main supplier of e-mail
security technology, TenFour recently launched a new
consultancy service to introduce more businesses to
the concept.

“As a result of the share issue, we now have the resources
to continue expanding on primarily the U.K. and North
American markets,” said TenFour President Christer Wallberg.

TenFour said it will increase its number of technical and
management consultants at its U.K. office, as well as sales
and marketing staff.

Some of the funds from the share issue will also be
spent on enlarging TenFour’s Stockholm headquarters to
accommodate its growth. It currently employs around
70 people in Sweden, Britain and the United States.

TenFour’s approach to e-mail security is to lead
the customer through the entire process rather than
focus on a single area. It provides analysis, policy design,
solution design, installation and training, right through
to maintenance and systems management.

Having been developing e-mail security software for
several years, TenFour claims extensive experience of messaging and
security issues and says it understands how business processes
operate within complex environments.

Large corporations
welcome this holistic approach to e-mail security, which
is becoming a vital component of today’s businesses.

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