Swedish ISP Expands with Shopping Tools

Swedish Internet service provider Tele2 recently launched a complete shopping system on its main Web site.

As the e-commerce business grows in Sweden, several companies are jumping into the expanding market of serving shop owners. Tele2 is the second largest site in Sweden with 120,000 visitors each day. Portal site Passagen is the most visited site in Sweden, and is already exploring e-commerce options.

With the new e-based concept Tele2Shop, the ISP is presenting a customized shopping system where vendors can create their own storefront. With its well supervised servers and connection to the Net, every shop is guaranteed a non-stop operation.

“Our solution is so simple that the shop owners just need a computer with a Net connection to get started,” said Bjorn Wiklund at Tele2. “More corporations understand the need of sales on the Internet. Tele2Shop is the solution for a corporation that needs a fast and easy start for exploring the e-commerce without investing in its own big systems.”

The Tele2Shop system is scalable for adapting to the needs of each shop. There is everything from database systems to payments through the GMS mobile phone system. This secure payment system through the mobile system is also a new service called GiSMo.

For Tele2 these services are also a way of growing with its corporate users who already use some of its other services.

Tele2 is a part of NetCom AB, which is one of the leading telcos in the Nordic area. The company is traded on the stock exchange in Stockholm and on Nasdaq (NECSY).
Tele2 was the first public Internet access service in Sweden with the swip.net that opened 1991.

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