Symbian, Motorola To Co-Develop New Devices

Symbian and Motorola Monday agreed to develop a range of wireless Net devices based on the next generation of Symbian’s EPOC platform.

The devices will be designed for use on European, North American and Asian wireless networks. The companies are staffing a joint development team and expect the products to start launching in the first half of 2001.

While the companies did not release many details, the companies said the products will combine voice and data capabilities as well as Internet access. The products will be marketed separately by both Motorola and Psion.

Symbian is an offshoot of Psion that was created to develop and market the EPOC operating system. Supporting companies include Motorola, Psion, Nokia and Ericsson.

Last month, Ericsson also inked a pact with Microsoft to form new wireless products which may be used on the rival Windows CE operating system, but said that the new deal does not interfere with its Symbian-related work.

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