Tablets to Be Supported by Enterprises

Are tablets ready for the enterprise?

Gartner Research Vice-President, David Willis detailed his views on tablets in the enterprise during a live webcast event this week. According to Willis, by 2013, 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets.

Willis noted that there is a misconception that tablets are consumption-only devices.

“In truth there are apps for forms, so for anyone walking around with a clipboard, you can bring a tablet into areas where you wouldn’t’ think of using a laptop,” Willis said.

In a small Gartner study of how people use device, Willis noted that with tablets there is an average duration of about seven minutes per use. Tablets are also used often, as much as 12 times per day.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Gartner: Get Ready for Tablets in the Enterprise

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