TCT Logistics Debuts B2B/C Web Solutions

[Calgary, CANADA] TCT Logistics (TSE: TLI) a Canadian transportation
and logistics company, has rolled out its proprietary business to
business and customer (B2B/C) Internet fulfilment solutions.

The company has developed B2B/C strategies for manufacturers designed
to facilitate sales of their products to the Canadian mid-market and
direct to customers.

It will provide connectivity to a manufacturer’s Internet-based
procurement system or system supplied by any application service
provider or consulting firm.

The application permits small to medium sized businesses, or
end-users, to order goods over the Web.

TCT can manage the site or provide connectivity to it, by which TCT
then receives orders, picks product and manages inventory levels,
arranges order fulfilment by choosing the appropriate carrier and
effects delivery on the customers behalf. TCT is marketing this
application to large manufacturing customers as a mid-market and
direct to customer fulfilment strategy.

TCT president Ken Lucas said that “TCT is uniquely positioned. By
having TCT, which already provides warehousing and transportation,
provide the B2B or B2C strategy we effectively reduce costs to the
manufacturer by eliminating steps in the fulfilment chain and TCT can
select the proper mode of transport.”

“Our IT Department fully supports the application and we allow
companies to concentrate on their core businesses.”

TCT Logistics has one of the largest trucking fleets in Canada and
over 30 million cubic feet of warehousing capacity.

Its operations are national, international, and regional in scope,
with branches in every major center in Canada west of Montreal and
parts of the United States.

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