Teachers Can Send Grade Reports To Parents By E-mail

Students, beware. ThinkWave Software recently released
two software packages designed to enable teachers to send grade reports to parents by e-mail.

Both ThinkWave Educator Pro and ThinkWave Educator Express have automated
e-mail functionality, as well as allowing teachers to maintain student records,
parent records, assignment information and class results, the company stated.

ThinkWave Educator Express is a fully functional gradebook application for
teachers. It is made to keep attendance records and administrative data, together with
student and parent records and classroom results. From the stored data it
automatically updates and compiles reports which can be printed or sent by

With all the functionality of the Express version, ThinkWave Educator Pro
adds a calendar, lesson plans, and goal seeking algorithms.

“Imagine teaching six classes of 30 students–with four tests, 10 quizzes, 15
homework assignments, attendance calculations–and trying to keep all
students and parents up to date,” said Matt Hamilton, president and founder of ThinkWave Software.

Whereas the Express version is free, ThinkWave Educator Pro for Windows
95 or NT costs $69.95 on CD-ROM, or $59.95 as a downloadable version.

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