Teleglobe To Launch Services in Germany

Global carrier Teleglobe
announced Monday
its intention to offer data, Internet and voice services to businesses in
Germany in the
second quarter of this year.

Already serving German ISPs and telecommunications carriers, Teleglobe says
the move
reflects its strong growth in the German market where it is the third
largest carrier
of outgoing international voice traffic.

Paolo Colombi, vice president, GlobeCity Enterprises, Teleglobe, said
business customers
would soon be able get the same benefits of cost-savings and route
diversity, currently
enjoyed by local carrier and ISP customers.

“Teleglobe will continue its aggressive expansion in Central Europe as we
offer direct
access to our network through our GlobeCity access node and through the
deployment of our GlobeSystem Europe network,” said Colombi.

Teleglobe’s new European ring, part of its GlobeSystem network, links
Amsterdam, Antwerp,
Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan,
Mannheim, Nancy,
Paris, Rotterdam, Strasbourg and Vienna to its global broadband network.

For ISPs, content providers and carriers, Teleglobe offers very substantial
capacity, suitable for broadband use. It sells its capacity at wavelength
multiple STM-1 levels of 2.5/10 Gigabits per second and 155 Megabits per
second respectively.

Colombi went on to say that demand for Internet broadband services is
at an exponential rate, with Teleglobe seeing its Internet-related revenues
up by 120 per cent in the past year and its customer based doubled.

To meet the needs of customers, Colombi said providers need to deliver
Internet services tailored to specific applications — and even to
specific industry sectors — rather than merely make bandwidth greater.

The growth of the Internet in Germany is set to continue, according to
telecommunications analysts Ovum. Currently numbering around 11.8 million,
the number of German Internet users will be around 47.6 million in 2005.

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