TelePost Launches Value-Added Communications Services In The UK

At Internet World UK, global
communications provider
TelePost introduced its suite of
value-added services to the UK market.

The services include Web-initiated conference calling,
unified messaging, and a telephone response service that lets Web
site visitors schedule a return, person-to-person call.

The TelePost services are being offered to Internet Service
Providers (ISPs), telecommunications companies and others, so
that they in turn can offer their customers a suite of communications
which integrates the telephone system with the World Wide Web.

“TelePost differentiates itself by offering easy-to-deploy services, including
billing and customer support – not proprietary platforms,” said Steve
Cherry, chairman and CEO of TelePost.

“By requiring no up-front cost and offering valuable services focused on
the SOHO and mobile professional markets, we can help
communications service providers broaden and retain their user
base while increasing revenue opportunities.”

TelePost currently has three services in its value-added suite. They
are: TelePost Conference Center, a browser-controlled conference
calling service that lets users set up and manage conference calls
without operator assistance; TelePost Message Center, which gives
users a single mailbox from which to retrieve all their voice mail,
faxes and e-mail; and TelePost RingMeNow, a Web site “button”
that provides a link to a company’s call centre.

TelePost is based in Santa Cruz, California.

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