Telinet Announces MediaMail 2.2

Telinet Technologies announced version 2.2 of MediaMail, its advanced unified messaging system for global service providers serving mobile subscribers.

The new version lets service providers customize the user interface for language and content, enables message access from any continent with just a local phone call, and provides management facilities for globally deployed MediaMail servers.

Alan McKeon, president and chief operating officer, Telinet Technologies, said: “The percentage of international travelers has increased dramatically in the past few years, so easy, convenient access to all message types has become paramount for these mobile professionals.”

No matter where they are in the world, subscribers who dial into a local
MediaMail server have their messages transferred to them across the Internet,
from their home server to the local server. This drastically reduces costs by
saving on long distance charges normally incurred when retrieving voicemail
and email during travel, Telinet said.

MediaMail now supports non-US character sets, together with a programmable
Telephone User Interface (TUI) for multiple language voice prompts. It also
has a programmable interface available for multi-language text-to-speech (TTS) engines for reading email in several languages.

MediaMail 2.2 will be sold directly by the vendor, with release scheduled for
later in the summer, 1998.

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