Telstra Signs With HP to Provide Unified Messaging Service

[May 15] — Australian telecommunications giant Telstra has signed a formal agreement
with Hewlett Packard to provide a unified messaging technology solution
which will enable Telstra customers to send and receive all types of
messages from any location.

The deal will give users access to voice mail, e-mail and fax messaging
from either a mobile or fixed line phone, or from the Telstra portal.
One thousand MobileNet customers have been participating in an HP- and
Cisco-sponsored trial since December last year.

“The trial enabled participating customers to forward and store all
messages in one virtual mailbox,” said Telstra’s national general
manager of personalised services, Vince Pizzica. “Through a phone call
from a mobile or fixed line phone, customers could listen to voice mail,
print out a fax or have e-mails read to them with the option of sending a
voice mail reply.”

Telstra expects to launch a commercial messaging service in June. The
company will now work with HP to build an open IP-based technology
platform for unified messaging, which will integrate Cisco’s uOne
Unified Messaging application.

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