Telstra’s New Broadband Plan

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The Fantastic Corporation and Telstra have formed a partnership to use Fantastic’s technology to deliver broadband multimedia distribution services. The two will target Australian businesses and education institutions, and claimed they will deliver multimedia rich content to any IP device.

Telstra will provide the services over both its cable and satellite networks. From August, ADSL will be added as a significant means of accessing broadband services. Telstra will trial the Fantastic platform over its SkyConnect satellite service. It said the platform can be used on any broadband network including cable, ADSL, satellite and 3G. If the trial is successful, the two announced Telstra would aggregate multimedia rich content from various content providers and broadcast that content to its broadband customers.

“Broadband is more than just fast access to the Internet. With broadband, TV and CD quality multimedia content can be packaged and delivered to a customer’s PC at a prescribed time. This is a ‘push’ technology as opposed to a ‘pull’ technology such as surfing the net,” said Warren Lemmens, national general manager, Telstra Portals.

Lemmens said the Fantastic platform would provide Telstra with many opportunities to open up new relationships in delivering media services. “This deal isn’t about the actual content, it’s about the role that Telstra can play in the aggregation, management and distribution of content. Also, it’s not just about content providers. This technology can also be utilized by companies to send content both internally to staff and externally to other companies,” he said.

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