TELUS Cuts Connection with National Sympatico Service

TELUS, Canada’s
second largest telecommunications company, has sold its 16.6 per cent
share of Medialinx to Bell Canada.

Medialinx was formed to develop online content under the Sympatico name.

“Our customers have told us they want information that is more relevant
to them and their community,” says Mark Schnarr, TELUS’s vice-president
of Internet Services. “For example, while the Maple Leafs may well have
fans in B.C., people living in this province want more focus on B.C.
teams, right down
to hometown junior hockey scores. This preference applies to local and
regional news and information as well.”

TELUS has developed its own portal site,, to offer regional content and
Web-based productivity tools such as personal calendars.
includes local news, weather, sports, and maps and directions to British
Columbia locations.

Visitors can be notified by e-mail of upcoming sales, concerts and other
community news. TELUS
plans to develop and launch regional portal sites across Canada over the
next year.

E-mail addresses for TELUS customers in British Columbia (B.C.) are changing from to However, customers can keep their
existing e-mail addresses until October 31, 2001, if they choose.

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