The Internet Ombudsman Debuts in Sweden

A Swedish Internet Ombudsman has launched its site for the growing number of Internet users seeking online advice and support.

Internet Ombudsman intends to manage and handle questions regarding technical issues, as well as Net-related legal and ethics inquiries. It also aims to educate users and making the use of Internet safer with greater security.

Through continuous contact with the Net users, Internet Ombudsman also expects to collect important information regarding what users consider to be valuable information online and what aspects are considered problematic.

Internet Ombudsman will also organize contacts with market and government authorities, Internet Society Sweden (ISOC), government organization The ICT Commission and even relief organization Save The Children Fund.

Mattias Svahn, director of Internet Ombudsman, says that the service can help a range of people, from a pensioner with an ISP connection problem to parents seeking Net content filters to workers who find that their employer is reading private e-mail.

The company was founded by four Internet users, and is based on the conviction that some organization was needed for the user society. According to Swedish research institute Sifo , almost half (46 percent) of the Internet users are searching help and advice on Net related questions.

Internet Ombudsman is a free service for all users, and is financially supported by the Government Trade Department, the KK-foundation and the Royal Court.

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