Third Rock From The Sum:’s IPO May Go This Week

Unlike planet Earth, which is primarily covered with water,
looks parched for revenue so far, in its path to liquidity via IPO. First
six months generated just $1.1 million (with 93 full-time employees) with a
loss of $5.8 million. We target its public debut, which may go this week,
at 56x estimated revenues. Let’s take a spin of theglobe inside the


pro forma IPO estimates


Proposed ticker


Does what?


Shares offered




Target share price

$ 12.00

Gross proceeds

$ 38.45

Shares outstanding


IPO market cap

$ 117.50



Fully-diluted shares (FDS)


FDS market cap

$ 169.38

Working capital

$ 43.95

Long-term debt

$ –

Warrant inflow

$ 16.10

FDS enterprise value

$ 109.33

Latest full-year revenue

$ 0.77

Six mos. revenue to 6/98

$ 1.17

Est. calendar (CY) 1998 revenue

$ 3.00

Six mos.loss to 6/98


Est. CY99 revenue

$ 7.00



FDS enterprise/latest year rev.


FDS market cap/est. CY98 revenue


FDS market cap/est. CY99 revenue


FDS enterprise/CY1998


FDS enterprise/CY1999




Employees (full-time)


Enterprise value/employee

$ 1.18

Latest six mos. revenue/employee

$ 0.01

Lead underwriter

Bear Sterns

© 1998 Mecklermedia


all figures in millions, except share price, multiples


The well-designed site, one of the more attractive Webstead sites on the
Internet, offers users the chance to build Web pages, chat, e-mail and
rudimentary shopping services. Areas divide by topic and interest, similar
to GeoCities, XOOM or TalkCity. Let’s look closer at theglobe’s

Fully-diluted market cap reaches about $170 million. With working capital
and warrant inflow, the enterprise value comes down to a more gravity-like
16x next year’s revenues, which we think is a more appropriate valuation
for a firm in its first iteration of really generating any revenue at

For comparison, Websteader and direct marketer XOOM, (pending IPO
also) generated $2.6 million the first six-months of 1998 (with 39
full-time employees).

XOOM direct sells to anyone who signs up with
its service as part of the bargain of having a free Web site allocation., like others in the community space, relies more on ads than
selling direct. Both sites show strong growth this year, XOOM being the
second-fastest growing site and the sixth-fastest, according
to Media Metrix. began in May 1995, and now boasts more than
1.9 million members and 6.5 million unique visitors to the site. Besides
Webstead space, chat and e-mail, it offers users news, weather, movie and
reviews, multi-player gaming, horoscopes and personals.

About 100,000
new members have joined each month since October 1997 with about
one-third of visitors coming from outside the U.S. Chairman Michael Egan
came on board in August 1997, through his Dancing Bear Investments, the
primary shareholder in
>From 1986 to 1996, Egan was the
majority owner and Chairman of Alamo Rent-A-Car.

Fellow board member
Wayne Huizenga ran Blockbuster from April 1987 through September 1994. The
two co-founders, each in their mid-20s, act as co-CEOs. Bear, Stearns & Co.
Inc. and Volpe Brown Whelan & Company are the underwriters.

Overall, we could see
how could fit with something like Snap!, the NBC-CNET portal
wannabe, or perhaps a media firm like MTV, who may want to wrap some users
around its offerings.

Wall Street may show some interest if GeoCities is
any indication. GCTY trades about 39% of its high, however. Is the world as
round as theglobe would like it to be?

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