TimesThree, AirFlash Integrate Wireless Services

[Calgary, CANADA] – Cell-Loc’s
TimesThree partnered with AirFlash Inc., an application services provider (ASP) of wireless location-relevant content, community and commerce infrastructure.

TimesThree will use Cell-Loc’s patented technology to provide AirFlash with the real-time location of wireless devices, allowing AirFlash to offer portals and carriers to deliver location-relevant wireless services to mobile users.

AirFlash provides the integration of location-based information using a patent-pending technology called SmartZone. The SmartZone platform delivers location-relevant content and services to the mobile user’s location.

SmartZone takes topographical obstacles into account, defining the area by driving or walking times and not by aerial distance. For example, if an ATM cash machine is only one-quarter mile away from the user but across a river with the nearest bridge two miles away, SmartZone will recognize that the cash machine is, in reality, a much further distance away considering the time it takes to get there.

TimesThree Inc. provides location sensitivity to e-commerce and m-commerce wireless Internet companies and wireless carriers as well as a full suite of location services including L411, fleet tracking, asset tracking, child/senior find and pet tracking.

Cell-Loc Inc. has developed Cellocate, a suite of wireless location products that enable wireless location-based services. With offices in Calgary and Dallas, Cell-Loc develops, markets and supports its patented wireless location technology in North and Latin American countries.

AirFlash services supply location-sensitive content such as yellow pages and directions, local events, movies, and attractions, travel and commuter updates, and ticket purchasing through the SmartZone environment. AirFlash services are currently deployed on the AT&T Wireless Network through the Excite mobile portal.

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