TITAN I Launches Ultra-Secure Data Center Facility

Seattle-based TITAN I LLC, seeking to cater to the market for ultra-secure data centers, Wednesday opened a state-of-the-art data center in a former government missile facility in Moses Lake, Wash.

The facility, designed to withstand a 10 megaton nuclear strike, will deliver 150 watts per square foot — with the ability to provide addition power as required — in addition to redundant fiber optic connectivity with more than 400 strands of fiber from six separate and distinct underground entrances into the facility. Titan I will offer leased space in the 24x 7 facility. Last mile providers include Qwest and Zipp Network. In addition there is access to major carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, MCI WorldCom, Touch America, ELI and Verizon.

“At Titan, our strategy is to offer a collaborative outsourced data center solution that gives our clients the best of both worlds — the flexibility of being able to supply their own equipment and the cost savings of using our world-class facility,” said Rob Savette of TITAN I. “We recognize that very few corporations want to tackle the management and expense of data center infrastructure, but corporations definitely demand control of their equipment and data from an outsourced solution. Titan is the perfect answer to that situation.”

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